Signs That You Already Need An Elbow Compression Sleeve

Compression sleeves are all over the market, and wearing one seems to be a bandwagon more than a medical purpose. Although it doesn’t necessarily require a doctor’s prescription, wearing the best elbow compression sleeve will have a big impact on your joint’s health. It can be helpful and detrimental at the same time if you fail to wear it right or if you don’t use it at all. What’s important here is you know the signs of when to have one.

Elbow supports are used for a wide variety of purposes including injuries, sports activities, or simply a soothing wrap. Whatever reason you have for getting one, you should always use it as necessary. Those with injuries should ask the opinion of their physicians first to avoid complicating their medical condition.

If you’re still wondering if you need to wear a compression sleeve or not, these signs here will help you out. Just remember that they aren’t absolute. Your doctor’s advice should be your leading reference.

You experience constant elbow pain

Constant elbow pain is a guaranteed sign that there’s something wrong with your joint. It could possibly stem from daily activities and a myriad of other underlying injuries. Most of the time, people who are experiencing excruciating pain on their elbows seek medical treatment and pair it with a compression sleeve to keep their elbows warm. Even doctors recommend this to some of their patients. Unlike thick braces, compression sleeves are thinner and less tight.

best elbow compression sleeve

Elbow pain is usually due to the inflammation of some ligaments or tendons. It could possibly be minor tears too which can take time to heal. The best elbow compression sleeve works by improving the blood flow on the affected area to reduce the swelling and fluid retention. The key here is wearing a sleeve that doesn’t choke the arm; otherwise, it will cut the circulation and aggravate the injury. I know it’s quite hard to deal with sizing charts but it’s important that you take time to do so.

You’re a sporty type

Are you an aspiring athlete? Or an avid badminton or tennis player? These sporty activities use your arms and elbows a lot. More likely, you’ve experienced what they call as the “tennis elbow”. It’s when you experience elbow pain due to a poor racquet hold. Don’t get me wrong, non-tennis players can also have this issue. But your active arm usage makes you more prone to this kind of injury.

If you’re into basketball, ice hockey, baseball, and other sports, you should wear a compression sleeve to cut the risk of elbow injuries. Compression sleeves act as support to your elbow to avoid hyperextension and reduce muscle soreness. You don’t have to worry since it won’t affect your mobility as long as you get one with the right size.

Some athletes and players prefer braces as it offers more protection. But it takes some time to get used to the thickness of the fabric, unlike the best elbow compression sleeve.

You overuse your arms

If you’re a handyman who spends the whole day with a saw and a hammer, you probably need an elbow support to keep those joints going. As you know, those tasks take its toll on the elbow and you would soon feel a tingling sensation, if not inflammation or a tendon tear. An elbow compression sleeve would help in keeping the elbow muscles warm to avoid sprains and ligament stress. The last thing you would want to happen is your elbow failing you during an important project.

An office job isn’t an exception. Constant typing can cause carpal tunnel syndrome that will make your whole arm painful in the worst cases. This is the reason why there are products dedicated to elbow support when typing. One excellent example you can get is the SKYZONAL Desk Extender where you rest your arm up to your elbow when using the computer mouse. It’s not something you wear but it will definitely support your elbow.

You hit the gym regularly

It’s for sure that you’ve seen those elbow sleeves being worn by gym buffs when you’re going for your workout. These aren’t just sweat absorbers; those are compression sleeves used to prevent injuries when performing challenging routines like weightlifting and push-ups. It keeps the muscles soft for better flexibility and it also keeps the joints in the right place. As you know the likes of weightlifting directly impacts the elbow. Without the best elbow compression sleeve, you might experience bone dislocation when lifting very heavy weights.

best elbow compression sleeve

Compression sleeves also prevent your elbows for hyperextension. This happens when you’re getting too pumped up with your rowing or monkey bars that you tax your elbows too much. The end result could be a torn tendon or a massive sprain.

For gym purposes, it’s best to get a pair of compression sleeves. One of the best options is the Crucial Compression’s pair of sleeves. You can get it for approximately 10 bucks.

You keep lifting things

If you’re not going to the gym, you might probably be using your arms to lift things like heavy boxes and crates. If this is part of your job, I suggest that you wear a compression sleeve to ensure that you’re not going to experience elbow and arm pain. Lifting this heavy stuff isn’t a far cry from lifting weights at the gym. You still force your joints to hold heavy objects that may, in turn, result in injuries. You won’t just feel pain; it will also affect your job and potential income.

But if you wear the best elbow compression sleeve, your arms will enjoy enhanced blood circulation and warmth. This will make your muscles flexible and able to lift heavy objects without the worry of popping a tendon or experiencing soreness. You can even choose a design to suit your style. So far, the Kunto Fitness Compression Sleeve is gaining positive reviews for its stylish look.

You can’t move your elbow without flinching

For once, I’ve experienced waking up with a very sensitive elbow. You just can’t bend or straighten it without flinching with pain. Probably due to a poor sleeping position, my elbow was overstretched or buried under my body. The next day, I slipped my arm into an elastic band (which my mother also uses) and the pain slowly subsides. Although this is just a mild case, using a compression sleeve truly has its benefits.

best elbow compression sleeve

One, it will make your hurting elbow warm. Many times, users have proven that heat can make wonders on a sprained elbow. It will relax the muscles and slowly ease the pain. This will work too even if you have internal injuries. However, it’s best to seek medical attention first before using a sleeve. Some cases that experience difficulty in elbow movement may require surgical operations or a specific treatment. Like what I said earlier, the best elbow compression sleeve can be helpful and be damaging depending on how you use it.

You have an injury

Once the doctor cleared you and advised that you wear a compression sleeve, healing would be faster with the compression. A sleeve will still allow you to move but without compromising the healing effect. Some injuries need to be rested for faster recovery and a compression sleeve will work the same. It will prevent you from overextending your elbow that can cause more injuries.

From simple sprains to serious cases of tendonitis, tennis elbow, dislocation, and more, a compression sleeve is an easy-to-purchase aid that will help you deal with the pain. Just make sure that the one you got is approved by your doctor.

In fact, almost all compression sleeves are marketed toward different elbow injuries. Some even infused it with copper ions and other special materials to enhance the compression. One example is the Copper Compression Recovery Sleeve. It’s made to ease a variety of elbow injuries and it can also be used as a sports gear to protect your joints.

You have arthritis

If you’re an old person experiencing the onset of arthritis, you probably know how painful it can be. The bursae in the joints of the body start to swell which makes the elbow and other limbs difficult to move. It also enhances the body’s sensitivity to pain that’s why older folks find it hard to stand up or walk without facing the dilemma of their aching elbow, hip, or knee.

In this case, the best elbow compression sleeve will help. It will deliver compression and heat to the affected part, improve the blood flow, and reduce the inflammation. Although this isn’t the sole answer to alleviating arthritic pain, there’s no doubt that compression sleeves can help a ton.

By reducing the pain in the joints, older folks can now move their elbows with ease and support their body better by holding on to their staff while walking. Others might be able to play tennis or perform stretches.

You have stiff muscles

If you’re living a sedentary lifestyle where you barely stretch your muscles, you’re likely to have stiff muscles. These tough muscles can be injured when used in an abrupt manner. Just imagine the pain you’re going to face when that happens. Aside from regular exercise, you can also pair it with compression sleeves. This will soften your muscles a bit, keep it warm, and avoid any painful injuries.

best elbow compression sleeve

It’s important that you consult with a doctor as stiff muscles could be caused by an underlying condition. You should also know the extent of the stiff muscles before a compression sleeve. What matters here is you seek immediate treatment since the more delayed it becomes, the more unfavorable the result will be.

Stiff muscles caused by the failure to exercise can easily be treated through routine drills and the use of the best elbow compression sleeve like the one from BracePal.

You’re recovering from a surgery

Injuries treated through surgical operations are quite sensitive cases. It strictly needs the prescription of a doctor before wearing a compression sleeve. You might make or break your recovery if you used an improper option. Although some doctors would recommend the use of a brace, those with minor operations may also opt for compression sleeves for the right mix of heat retention and mobility.

Compression sleeves keep the blood flow in a healthy level so your elbow can recover fast. It also acts as a restraint against too much movement and overextension of the arm.

But before picking the best elbow compression sleeve, make sure that you get one that’s not too tight. Squeezing your injury to the point of bleeding and pain isn’t the kind of compression that will help your condition. Avoid exaggerating the sleeves and just stick to one that’s just right for you. Your doctor would surely agree about this.

You have weak elbows

If you’re born with weak elbows, the only thing you can do is to keep it safe from injuries. But it doesn’t mean you’re going to quit your active lifestyle. You can perform regular stretches and wear an elbow support sleeve to keep your joints warm. It will stop you from sudden elbow movements and potential injuries that may come along the way. As you get used to the sleeves, you will even forget that you’re actually wearing one.

Instead of braces, sleeves are good options as it won’t interrupt your movement. You can even wear it under your clothes without the bulk braces tend to have. Many sleeve pieces can be worn almost every day just like the Mava Sports Recovery Support. It won’t tax your elbow but make sure that you take it off before sleeping to avoid any complications.

Knowing when to wear the best elbow compression sleeve will help you avoid injuries and speed up your recovery. I hope these points helped you, however, keep in mind that these aren’t a black and white concept. Your doctor’s prescription matters most. Do you agree?

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Signs That You Already Need An Elbow Compression Sleeve

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