4 Best Treatments for Tennis Elbow Support Injuries

You bang your elbow but it’s not the only one that gets hits hard. One of the best treatments for elbow injury would be surgery. But your hospital bills will eat up most of your expenses. With how healthcare is at the moment, this could be more painful than your injury.

However, you can’t just suffer in silence when you have an elbow injury since it is something that distracts you from mundane tasks. This is a very limiting injury and can disrupt your daily routine. This includes gripping and lifting since you won’t be able to use both of your arms.

What is Tennis Elbow?

One of the most common injuries, sports related or not, that people encounter is lateral epicondylitis. This is more commonly known as tennis elbow. Tennis elbow happens when there is an overuse of the elbow’s tendons and less time for healing. Regular forceful movements and extension of the arm cause damage and tears on the tendon. The tendon then attaches itself to the bone in the elbow which causes pain.

Tennis elbow gradually happens usually to people who are heavily involved in racquet sports such as tennis, thus the name. However, it is not just limited to tennis athletes but to those involved in other sports too such as weightlifting, basketball, and volleyball. This can happen to people who frequently do chores such as gardening, painting, and chopping.

For you to determine if you have tennis elbow there will be a gradual onset of pain on the outer side of your elbow, mainly on the bone part. You will also experience pain whenever gripping is involved such as holding a cup or even writing.

Worry not because more often than not, tennis elbow can be cured. We have here a list of the some of the best treatments for elbow injury that you can do right now so you can get back in shape in no time.

best treatments for elbow injury

Ice It Up

If you can already see swelling, it means there is an increased circulation in your elbow area towards your muscles and your tendons. This is the body’s response whenever an injury happens. The next best thing you can do it at least delay the process. The best way of treating elbow injury and the easiest is slowing down the circulation by putting ice on the area. This lessens the swelling and numbs the area. This decreases the pain too.

So for the meantime, invest in a good ice pack and let your elbow rest for a while.

Heat It Up

Wait, what? Yes, we just mentioned putting ice on the area but why heat it up?

Upon realizing you have pain in the area, your first instinct would be to lessen the pain in the area. However, if after a week or two and the pain still doesn’t go away, you need to help your body in healing your tennis elbow. You help your body by placing a heat source on your elbow. This increases the blood flow in the area which gives it a speedy recovery.

Just place a moist, hot pack in your elbow and even out its placement to make sure the pack covers the injured area well. Be careful with how the heat source is placed. Do not put it in direct contact with your skin.

Medication Options

The natural way is always the best way because you don’t have to spend anything. But if you are already immune to this technique, you may have a better chance for less swelling through medication.

Commonly used medicine are topical non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). They aid in inflammation and pain for the first four weeks of use. It is unknown whether oral medication of NSAIDs aid in tennis elbow.

Another common medication used is corticosteroid injection. This may not be one of the best treatments for elbow injury for you if you have a fear of the needle. A corticosteroid injection can be an effective remedy for only a few months but may not be very effective after a year. It is important to note that there could be outer physical effects if this is done continuously. This includes hypopigmentation and indentation when the needle is frequently stuck in. It doesn’t sound very exciting but could be very helpful for those that need an immediate cure.

best treatments for elbow injury

Using Braces and Elbow Sleeves 

If the cold, heat and medications are not favorable for you, several products could help. Braces and elbow sleeves have been developed as the best treatments for elbow injury. These are developed to aid your muscles and provide warmth and stability in your elbow.

Counterforce Brace

You may have seen other people wear this and think that it’s just another form of sports accessory sold to make them look good. What you may not know is that counterforce braces compress your muscles. They redistribute the force exerted by your arm muscles away from the pain coming from your tennis elbow. It is usually placed below the elbow and worn daily so that too much force or pressure will not reach the injured part.

Check this unisex counterforce brace that can be worn daily to help you with pain management.

Wrist Brace

Wrist braces are worn on the wrist to prevent hand movements that causes more pain to the elbow. They stabilize and provide rigid support for the wrist for daily activities and can also be worn while sleeping when you aren’t usually aware of your hand’s position.

Check this wrist brace that has breathable fabric that you can wear all day.

Compression Sleeves

If you want a whole coverage for your arm, it is better if you opt for compression sleeves. They provide even distribution of warmth. They compress your arm which relieves pain due to tennis elbow as well as arthritis, inflammation, tendonitis and other elbow pains.

Check this compression sleeve that you can wear all day to at least eliminate pain from your joints.

Prevention Is Still Better Than Cure

 If you made it here and you are not yet suffering from tennis elbow but you’re only worried on what’s to come, prevention is still one of the best treatments for elbow injury. Before putting yourself through strenuous activities and overuse of your arm, take precautions. Do the proper stretching and wear braces or compression sleeves to eliminate pain from your elbows. Give your body, not just your arm, a chance to rest – do not overexert yourself in any kind of activity. This will prevent further damages in the long run.

Tennis elbow is surely something you don’t want lurking in your yard but once it does, take note of these simple tips and tricks to manage your pain well. This injury can turn fatal and can lead to surgery and a long recovery time for you. Prevent this from happening and follow these best treatments for elbow injury. These are very manageable but your elbows will be thanking you if you show them proper care!

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4 Best Treatments for Tennis Elbow Support Injuries

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