Effective Elbow Supports For Outdoor Climbing

Outdoor activities like rock and mountain climbing aren’t just taxing to the knees, these also batter the elbows. Every bump on a sharp surface, as well as tight gripping on the rocks, will soon leave you with sore arms and aching elbow. If you’re headed to your next adventure, I suggest that you wear an elbow support for climbing to keep your joints warm and muscles flexible.

The good thing about wearing braces or sleeves when doing these outdoor adventures is it doesn’t affect the mobility of the arms. You can still fold and reach but with less risk of hyperextension or tendon and ligament injuries. And since you’ll be exposing both your elbows to the outdoor stress, it’s best to get a pair to wear.

Here, I listed and reviewed some of the trusted elbow supports not just in the gym or sports, but also in the challenging hobby of mountain and rock climbing. Most of these options come with special padding features to disperse the blunt force, especially if you’re fond of rock climbing.

1. COOLOMG Elbow Pad Protector

If you think you’ll be up for a very challenging climb on the rocks, you should “brace” yourself as much as possible. Just imagine your elbow bumping directly on the rocks without any protection or just a paper-thin sleeve. With this, the COOLOMG Elbow Pad Protector would be the best brace for the adventure. It’s made for basketball players to protect their elbows from direct impact and it will also work on your kind of adventure.

This COOLOMG product is a single-piece sleeve with ethylene vinyl acetate material on the joint for a solid shield against direct impact. The material is intended to disperse the force of a crash without slipping out of place.

elbow support for climbing

This elbow support for climbing comes in about 38 colors and prints which use Italian ink that’s eco-friendly and allergy-free. It also has a strong color fastness so the aesthetic will last for long even after regular washing. You can get one for your kids and yourself. Just refer to the sizing chart to get the right piece.

You know what’s the best part? The COOLOMG sleeve has a lifetime warranty where you can resend the product for no reason and get a full refund. If it’s torn, you can simply send pictures and you’ll either get a replacement or a refund. Totally risk-free for such a high-quality elbow brace.

This sleeve/brace bears SPF 50 which is an excellent feature to protect your arms against the damaging UV rays. But take note that after 6 months and 30 washes, the SPF level will start to decrease.

2. Body Prox Elbow Protection Pad Sleeves

Do you want more padding for your entire arm? The Body Prox Elbow Protection Pad Sleeves is something you shouldn’t miss. It’s ergonomically designed with a foam grid that stretches along the elbow area on the entire sleeve. The foam padding is abrasive-resistant to give you protection in the harshest outdoor conditions. And even though it’s thick, you’ll still enjoy full arm mobility that you need when clinging to the rocks or climbing a steep part of a mountain.

The Body Prox elbow support for climbing fits like a glove only if you get the sizing right. It doesn’t slip out of place regardless of your activity or the dryness of your skin. Both men and women can wear these sleeves every day even if they’re not climbing mountains. The catch here is that the Body Prox brace comes in pairs for total elbow protection for a price of one.

Aside from protecting your arms and elbows from the risks of mountain climbing, the foam grid present on these sleeves also gives compression to speed up the recovery of injuries. Although it gives pressure to release the tension of the muscles, the Body Prox product is still breathable. It provides total comfort so you can be in top shape for your next climbing adventure.

The Body Prox brand recognizes that as you traverse your trail, you might experience clumsy bumps or falls that will directly hurt your body, especially your joints. But with their sleeves, they claim falling to be a pleasant thing.

3. LiveUp Sports Elbow Brace with Padding

Not a fan of long elbow braces and sleeves? If you want, you can use the LiveUp Sports Elbow Brace with Padding. The elbow support for climbing stretches only to a small area on the upper and lower arm which is best for someone who has mobility issues. What I think as the best feature of this sleeve is the protruding foam pad on the elbow part. This will be beneficial when you’re abseiling and you have the risk of bumping your elbows straight to the rocks.

The four-way stretch of the fabric is excellent for mobility without the risk of getting torn. It also retains its shape after use so no worries about overusing it until it’s loose. The pad design is thick and won’t get flat easily even if you use it as a direct support on your climbing. It’s also an excellent force diffuser during a collision.

elbow support for climbing

Even if it’s thick, the LiveUp Sports brace is breathable and comfortable to wear. Some users find the protruding foam a bit too much, but it won’t be an issue, though, if you’re into optimal protection and support.

Overall, the elbow support for climbing is made of 50% polyester, 20% rubber, and 30% foam rubber. It comes in a single piece so you’ll need to buy two to get a pair. Anyway, it’s not that expensive so you can easily get a pair without breaking the bank. Every purchase of this elbow brace is entitled to an 18-month warranty term.

4. RDX MMA Support Brace Sleeve

What else can you expect for an elbow brace used for MMA? Topnotch impact protection! The RDX MMA Support Brace/Sleeve has an equilibrium sheet on its carbon fiber padding that reduces the force to the elbow during a collision. The entire sleeve has a synthetic fabric that’s breathable enough to wick moisture and stay soft even after multiple washes. It will go back to its shape after washing and drying.

Inside the brace is a cross-over strapping system that locks the pad in place in a low-key manner. It has a visible bulk but not as protruding as the LiveUp Sports brace pad. There are Velcro straps and elastics on the parts of the brace to keep it in place even if you’re moving your arm repeatedly.

If you have a bad case of bursitis, arthritis, tendonitis, and other related injuries, the RDX MMA is a great pain buster. The RDX MMA brace doesn’t just protect, it also gives compression so your sore elbows will find relief. You can wear it outdoors but it will also serve its purpose if you’re typing in the computer or working out in the gym.

The RDX MMA is a set of two elbow supports so you no longer have to purchase another just to get both your joints covered. It’s affordable and almost the same price as most sleeves and braces. The only thing you should watch out for this elbow support for climbing is the stiff padding. It may not be best worn under the clothes or it would cause a bulge.

5. Mueller Adjustable Elbow Brace

If you don’t want options with a thick padding or foam grids, I recommend that you try the Mueller Adjustable Elbow Brace. It has a Velcro lock construction that secures the entire brace in place. The fabric coverage stretches from the upper arm down to the lower arm. The Mueller brace doesn’t have any padding on it but it serves as an excellent elbow support for someone into mountain climbing. This works for alleviating posttraumatic pain as well as prevent further injuries.

Even if it’s a brace, it has a slip-on, sleeve design with the Velcro sewn halfway so you can put it on with a single hand. You can adjust the compression which you think you needed without impeding the mobility of your arm when climbing steep slopes.

elbow support for climbing

To keep the brace breathable and comfortable, it has a HydraMesh fabric layer. There’s also an antimicrobial shield that protects the Mueller elbow support for climbing from damages and bad odor. It has a neoprene material that keeps the heat in the skin to increase muscle flexibility and blood flow.

Take note that the Mueller brace only has one size to fit most arms measuring 7-14 inches in circumference. You can opt for the pair package to have both your elbows covered. Both the single and pair packages are affordable and you would surely have a reliable protection when climbing mountains or rappelling on rocks.

You only have one thing to watch out for: your arms’ size. If you have meaty or bat wing arms, it’s best to consider other options here.

6. Venom Sports and Fitness Elbow Compression Sleeves

For those who want a thin layer of protection, the Venom Sports and Fitness Elbow Compression Sleeves is the best catch. It answers the problem of immobility due to thick brace padding of the usual outdoor supports. These sleeves are actually made for sports activities like weightlifting, tennis, and other related ones. And when it comes to climbing mountains and rocks, this will help your elbow against hyperextension and tendon stress.

The Venom Sports and Fitness sleeves deliver equal pressure across the covered area so your muscles will stay soft and the blood flow is at an ideal level. This is important to keep your elbows functional in times that you have to grip hard and carry your body weight. The elbow support for climbing extends from the bicep and halfway to the lower arm.

This pair of sleeves doesn’t use neoprene; instead, it has nylon yard, spandex, and latex yarn for a snug fit. Those with sensitive skin might find the latex material irritating, but other than that, there’s no deal breaker for this elbow brace. For less than $20, you simply can’t find something as good as this.

The Venom Sports and Fitness sleeves come in a wide variety of sizes that fit both men and women. To get the right fit, measure your elbow circumference with your arm slightly bent. I suggest that you clean the sleeves with mild handwashing to keep its quality intact. This will prevent snagging since you have a nylon material here.


Moonlove Kids Adjustable Elbow Brace for Climbing

If you’re bringing kids with you on the climbing adventure, you should also protect their young elbows from clumsy falls and scratches. Give them a good start using the Moonlove Kids Adjustable Elbow Brace for Climbing. The fabric is soft and has an anti-scratch property to secure your kids’ sensitive skin. There’s also a silica gel pad inside the elbow support for climbing for compression and dispersal of the force.

elbow support for climbing

The Moonlove Kids’ Brace is a blend of breathable cotton, latex thread, and polyamide to avoid deformation. Using the Velcro straps, you can fasten the gel pad into the elbow of the child and adjust the compression as needed.

Take note that the Moonlove brace only fits kids with 18-24 cm of elbow circumference. It has a one-size-fits-most design that comes in three different colors.

This brace isn’t just for mountain climbing; it also works well for other sports activities like cycling, crawling, exercise, dancing, and more. For less than $18, this Moonlove Brace already comes in pairs. However, there’s no mention of any warranty terms but the seller encourages buyers to contact them in case there are questions.

An elbow support for climbing can actually save you from fatal injuries. Climbing rocks and mountains is a challenging activity, and sometimes, tripping and falling are unavoidable. You have to get an elbow protection that meets your comfort level without the expense of mobility and compression.

Which of the listed products do you like most? Let us know below!

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Effective Elbow Supports For Outdoor Climbing

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