5 Things You Should Avoid When Wearing Elbow Supports

A vast majority of people have begun wearing elbow sleeves or braces. These arm equipment are used post-surgery if the injured person wants faster recovery. These are also used for preventative measures to avoid elbow accidents. Whatever the reasons are, they are more beneficial than they appear to be. Below are some tips on what to avoid when wearing elbow supports.

To maximize the benefits of sleeves or braces, it is necessary to use them correctly.  Check this now so you’re sure you are using your new gears accurately.


One of the best times to wear an elbow brace is during the rehabilitation of your elbow post-surgery. This helps the muscles and tendons set themselves in place. When your elbows heal faster, you can use your elbows in less time.

However, some people get them without getting enough information to help them. There are still things that need to be considered before purchasing and while wearing them.

Avoid ill-fitting Elbow Supports

If you get the right kind of elbow support, it speeds up your recovery. What is the science behind this? If your arm gets the right amount of compression, it delivers an increased amount of blood circulation to the affected area.  Additional blood circulation allows the passage of minerals and healing elements in your blood to your elbows. This gives your elbow a quicker chance of rehabilitation.

When you wear elbow supports that are too loose, it beats the purpose of wearing one. They will just be on your arm and deliver nothing. It will be just like wearing another piece of clothing.

what to avoid when wearing elbow supports

On the other hand, elbow supports that are too tight have an adverse effect too. If they compress your skin and muscles too much, the blood circulation will be cut short. The minerals in your blood will not be able to reach places it’s supposed to heal. If they are too tight, your skin will not be able to breathe causing irritation. This will cause another issue instead of fixing the initial one.

Know what to avoid when wearing elbow supports and make sure you have the perfect size for you. Carefully read instructions on how to take your size especially when purchasing online.

Avoid Sudden Movements

After surgery, you will be in a sling or a cast 7 to 14 days after surgery. The best way to recuperate is to wear an elbow support afterward. Elbow braces allow you to gain a little bit of movement compared to when you’re on a cast.

Wearing an elbow support doesn’t automatically mean you can go back to your daily routine. Since you have been immobilized for 7 -14 days, you should avoid sudden movements that may cause damage to the newly operated area. Sudden movements can cause your stitches to loosen up. This is can also damage the newly healed muscles or tendons in your arm. Avoid going back to sports activities or chores that strain your elbows unless the doctor advises you to.

Avoid Wearing It For Long Periods Of Time

What to avoid when wearing elbow supports is wearing it throughout the day without being able to observe what goes underneath. When wearing it, it is crucial to maintaining the cleanliness and dryness of the area. When wearing an elbow brace, sweat cannot be avoided. If you’re wearing sweat lingers in the newly operated area, this can lead to irritations and bacterial infections.

Elbow bleeding and inflammation is normal post-surgery. When elbow braces are worn for a long time, this will not allow the area to heal on its own. They can be worn at certain periods of time for added protection but not throughout the day.

Daily Use

Elbow braces are usually worn daily by those who exercise or work with the extensive need of their elbows. These can be beneficial but reminders are still needed to be reinforced on what to avoid when wearing elbow supports.

Avoid Overexerting Your Elbows

Elbow supports give an additional boost to those who wear them. However, this doesn’t automatically mean you can give them sudden additional workload. Sleeves and braces give support – they don’t give you additional muscle!

When working out, avoid putting additional weights unless you have worked your way up to lift those. The common mistake is adding weight thinking their elbow supports can do the trick. This can lead to accidents and you don’t want that to happen.

what to avoid when wearing elbow supports

When doing chores such as painting or gardening, avoid put on additional work hours. Wearing elbow braces oftentimes relieve you of strain and pain. It does not mean you can work your elbows out until you can. Stick to your original hours. The main goal of wearing elbow support is to help you ease the possible pain, not have a chance to overexert yourself.

Avoid Wearing Elbow Supports For Undiagnosed Pain

There are all kinds of pain that elbow supports ease. This can include sports-related stiffness or soreness caused by elbow overuse at work. People wear elbow supports to ease themselves of these minor pains and move on with their daily chores. However, when removing them, the pain will still be there and can possibly get worse through time.

Yes, elbow sleeves and elbow braces help in saving you some money. They will cost you a few bucks and you get to use them for long periods of time. Getting yourself checked can cost more than an elbow sleeve! Nevertheless, you should never disregard the help of health professionals. They are there for a reason.

Elbow supports can easily ease the pain. But if the pain has been there for extended amounts of time, it’s time to get checked. The pain can only be an underlying symptom and a more serious injury that needs immediate attention could be present. Consult a doctor immediately. A few hundred bucks are worth spending if it’s for your health.

Now that you’ve read what to avoid when wearing elbow supports, you will know how to take care of yourself better. You now have immediate guidelines to follow when wearing one. It is necessary to follow these so you can maximize the positive effects of wearing elbow supports. You take care of your elbows and your elbows will take care of you!

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5 Things You Should Avoid When Wearing Elbow Supports

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