8 Elbow Braces To Prevent Hyperextension – Careful Here!

Hyperextension is one of the dreaded injuries of an athlete and active individuals. When the elbow was stretched backward beyond its normal range, ligaments may tear and the bones might be dislocated too. Most of the time, this injury happens to sports events but it can also take place during a bad fall when too much impact pushes the elbow in the opposite bending direction. If only an elbow brace to prevent hyperextension is used, this situation could have been prevented.

Some people who are suffering from a hyperextended elbow may not identify right away that they have such injury. It exhibits the same symptoms of other elbow injuries except that in worse cases, the affected elbow may look different than the other. Most of the time, cold treatment will treat the injury together with rest or immobilization. Serious cases of hyperextension including total ligament tears and bone fractures will need surgical treatments.

All of these wouldn’t happen if proper caution is practiced together with the use of an elbow support. Here are some that you will find useful:

1. DonJoy Performance Elbow Support Brace

If you’re an avid football player or someone engaged in extreme impact sports like motor racing, you should wear a brace like the Donjoy Performance Elbow Support. This is a long brace that extends from the upper arm and down to the wrist. It bears bilateral polycentric hinges that will prevent the elbow from hyperextension together with a webbing closure feature for the best compression. This is best worn if you have issues with your elbow and you don’t want it to get in the way of your game.

The DonJoy brace also has cross straps to control the angle of your elbow in case you have a present injury. Its strapping method ensures that the elbow is protected against impact. The entire elbow brace to prevent hyperextension has a neoprene material for compression plus a perforated layer for added breathability.

elbow brace to prevent hyperextension

This DonJoy brace has a universal fit and can be worn on either arm. It even has silicone beads at the upper arm area to keep it in place as well as enhanced reflectivity that keeps it visible during the night and other low-light situations.

As much as it’s effective, expect that the DonJoy Brace would be a bit hot to wear due to its thick material. However, this is necessary to ensure that the elbow is well protected.

2. Mueller Elbow Support

In case you don’t want a long brace that’s too hot to wear, you can consider the Mueller Elbow Support as an alternative. It has a slip-on design surrounded with straps with Velcro locks to secure your elbows. Those with tendonitis, sore muscles, and risk of hyperextension will benefit from wearing this brace.

The Mueller brace doesn’t just protect your elbows from too much extension, it also wicks sweat and microbes that cause bad odor and damage to the fabric. It bears a HydraMesh fabric for added breathability. Overall, the construction of this elbow brace to prevent hyperextension is soft and it doesn’t cut the circulation in the arms.

This brace is adjustable so one size fits most. You can also choose the compression you want depending on your activities. You can use this regularly without impeding your range of motion, but of course, it will not allow your elbow to perform too much bending. This is lightweight and you can even wear it to sleep if you keep on battering your elbow with your poor sleeping position.

Remember that it only says one size fits most. If your arm is thicker than usual, you should get a bigger size. This isn’t best for an extensive workout as you can’t bend your elbows to the extreme.

3. FREEDOM Hyperextension Elbow Brace

The FREEDOM Hyperextension Elbow Brace shares the same level of protection with that of DonJoy. It’s made to stabilize the elbow and prevent any chance of hyperextension and rotation. It bears a unique design that consists of dual metal hinges made from stainless steel and covered by neoprene. There are also two criss-cross straps that limit the elbow extension. This can be fixed or adjusted through the hook-and-loop closures.

The bicep part is also enclosed in this FREEDOM brace to avoid slippage or the unintended movement of the elbow. This can be used as a post-surgery brace as per the doctor’s recommendation or as an elbow brace to prevent hyperextension

elbow brace to prevent hyperextension

The FREEDOM brace is thick like the DonJoy piece since it has metal parts to ensure that the elbow won’t rotate out of position even under a strong impact. This single-piece brace has a universal fit for both arms but makes sure that you get the right sizing to avoid cutting the circulation on your limbs.

This brace also works in easing the pain of a current injury. If you get the right size, you will also experience this benefit if you have a tennis elbow or tendonitis. The FREEDOM brace is a bit pricey but worth the purchase for optimal elbow support.

4. Breg T-Scope Elbow Hyperextension Brace

For someone who needs extensive elbow support against hyperextension, the Breg T-Scope Elbow Hyperextension Brace would be advisable. It can function as a standalone brace but it can also be converted into a sling-like immobilizer in case of injuries. Unlike the past braces I reviewed on this post, this one has less fabric material and more on hinges and metal parts.

In fact, the Breg-T is made of malleable aluminum bars that can be adjusted in case of swelling or bandages. With that, this can be used as a post-surgery wear as well as an elbow brace to prevent hyperextension. There’s even an adjusting knob where you can set the allowed extension of the elbow to prevent the dreaded hyperextension.

Although it looks metallic, the Breg-T brace is lightweight. Its weight is actually notable for its type and among its counterparts from other brands. Take note that the brace extends from the bicep up to the wrist. Still, you can choose between the normal length and the long one depending on your needs. The Breg-T brace can also be an alternative to casting as it comes with a sling strap that can be attached to the wrist area to immobilize the arm.

The only downside here is its big price tag. Other than that, it’s best for serious cases.

5. Senston Elbow Compression Sleeve

Going back to simpler options, I would recommend the likes of Senston Compression Sleeve for those who want a smaller gear to wear. It has an open-elbow design as well as a slit on the antecubital space for optimal mobility. Although it doesn’t protect the elbow at the same level as that of the DonJoy or Breg-T, this brace could help in minimizing extension of the elbow on activities with less impact.

Inside the Senston brace are metal springs that help to stabilize the arm joint. This elbow brace to prevent hyperextension already has a contoured design that prevents bunching on the elbows and the discomfort of a non-form fitting brace. The material is a combination of sweat fiber, Lycra, and neoprene for the best breathability plus the bacteria-wicking feature. Overall, this is elastic enough to give a high level of compression and the support.

elbow brace to prevent hyperextension

The Senston brace is versatile as it can be used for sports like cycling, basketball, ice hockey, skating, and injuries like arthritis and tendonitis. If you’re performing weightlifting, it’s best to wear this even before you contract an injury.

The only disadvantage I can see here is it’s hard to put on using a single hand. It needs a little help from someone to make it tight enough to have the compression needed.

6. KYUSport Adjustable Elbow Support

If you want a bit more coverage from the Senston brace, you better try the KYUSport Adjustable Elbow Support. It helps ease pain and protects the elbow from hyperextension when playing sports like golf, tennis, baseball, and volleyball. There are metal springs embedded in the neoprene fabric that adds support to the joint.

Although a thick brace, the KYUSport support doesn’t cut the circulation on the arm, instead, it promotes healthy blood flow to help injuries heal faster. This elbow brace to prevent hyperextension reduces the traumatic harm when performing sports or repeatedly overusing your elbows.

Take note that this KYUSport brace is stiffer than other products with the same design. Somehow, it’s necessary for the control of the arm’s extension. You might experience issues on your full range of motion if you’re a competitive athlete. Also, those with meaty arms should get a large size to prevent choking their limbs when they put the brace on.

The KYUSport brace doesn’t come in pairs but it universally fits both arms if you wish to use it alternately instead of buying another one. You know what’s the best part? The sellers offer a full money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with your purchase. Quite a nice compensation of the difficulty of putting this one by yourself. It can be a pain at the start.

7. Bracoo Elbow Support

Bracoo has a unique design where two straps can be adjusted to achieve the compression the user wants. It’s a simple looking elbow brace to prevent hyperextension but very efficient in relieving pain and securing the joint. Unlike the stiff braces that make it hard to move your elbow, this Bracoo brace has a four-way stretch neoprene that won’t impede your movements. The neoprene material is latex-free so even those with sensitive skin can use it. There’s also a small percentage of spandex and nylon.

The Bracoo Elbow Support is breathable and wicks sweat to keep you fresh even during workout sessions. Although it’s a milder support against hyperextension, it still makes a difference when worn. Make sure to utilize the two Velcro straps to attain the support that you want.

elbow brace to prevent hyperextension

Each package of this brace contains one piece that can fit both arms with a maximum circumference of 13 inches. You can even wear this while swimming although the lifespan of the support will be shortened. Also, you can use it while sleeping but a bit hot if you’re sensitive.

The good thing about the Bracoo brace is it can fit larger arms. Yes, even those bat wings and meaty arms. Its price is also very affordable.

8. WIMI Sports and Fitness Elbow Brace To Prevent Hyperextension

Some users want a combination of compression and a tiny bit of restraint on their elbow. This is exactly what you’ll get from the WIMI Sports and Fitness Brace and Sleeve. You’ll enjoy the wide coverage and compression all over your lower and upper arm together with the harnessing effect of the WIMI narrow brace. Although this isn’t solely intended to prevent hyperextension, the combo works well in reducing the risk of such injury.

This WIMI combination is made for comfort so you can experience a full range of motion even with the support on. It’s lightweight and won’t adversely affect your performance in the game. You can use it for almost any purpose including injury recovery or just to soothe your aching muscles.

The material of the sleeve has 88% copper-infused nylon for the best compression paired with spandex for added elasticity and a slip-on design. The elbow brace, on the other hand, has a gel pad that adds pressure to the area where you place it. One good thing about the narrow brace you’ll get here is you can adjust it where it hurts the most.

If you’re planning to use this duo as means of protecting your elbow against hyperextension, I suggest that you engage in lighter activities that don’t have too much impact.

An elbow brace to prevent hyperextension plays a big role in dodging some serious injuries. Don’t wait until you have a burning elbow that needs to undergo surgery. Wear a brace and have added peace of mind.

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8 Elbow Braces To Prevent Hyperextension – Careful Here!

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